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"Homeworld 2 Remastered" Campaign Walkthrough

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The Story so Far

The campaign of Homeworld 2 begins 115 years after the Kushan returned to Hiigara, the main events that occurred after the main story in the original Homeworld.  The Homeworld War and the Beast War (Cataclysm) have long since passed, and the pain brought with them has faded. The Taiidan Republic are now no more, having been assimilated into the new threat against the Hiigarans, the Vaygr race, led by Makaan. It will be Karan S’jet who will once again lead the Hiigarans out of the darkness, and this is where we begin…

Strategies to Keep in Mind and How to follow the Guide.

First off, some strategy guide writers will tell you to focus on specific units within each support group during the campaign, such as All Bombers for fighters, all Gunships for Corvettes, etc. This however ignores some unique aspects of the game, where even though you may have Bombers and Pulsar Corvettes whom have overlapping effectiveness, or Gunships and Interceptors alternatively, each one has different weaknesses. For example, Bombers will get their asses handed to them by Gunships while Pulsar Corvettes can hand Gunships their asses, while still both being very effective against Frigates and Capital ships.

For reasons like this, throughout the entire campaign it is suggested with this walkthrough that an almost equal mix of units be utilized in every mission.  No support group should be by any means all one type of ship, or even close. There are a few exceptions, like Scout squadrons, which you should really only ever have one of, unless you feel like utilizing their EMPs often through out the game. Also, the Dense Field Frigate has drawbacks that make it difficult to be used effectively, considering the benefit posed from the option of an Extra Ion Frigate or Torpedo Frigate. This is however optional to personal choice, and if you find yourself being able to get some real value in micromanaging your Defense Field Frigates, than by all means have at it. There are some mission specific uses that will necessitate their use, but this is very limited.

Campaign Mission Walkthroughs

Mission 01: Tanis

Mission 06: Karos Graveyard

Mission 07: Derelicts

Mission 08: Dreadnaught Berth

Mission 09: Counter Attack

Mission 10: Keeper of Sajuuk

Mission 11: Sacrifice

Mission 12: Thaddis Sabbah

Mission 13: Balcora Gate

Mission 14: Balcora

Mission 15: Return to Hiigara