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"Homeworld 2 Remastered" Hiigaran Ships Guide

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The Hiigaran race is the main faction in Homeworld 2, with the player taking command of their new Mothership, “The Pride of Hiigara” during the main campaign of HW2. Throughout the story, the player takes charge of their fleet in order to find an ancient relic created by the Progenitors that will save their race, before the Vaygr find it first and use it to exterminate the Hiigarans.

Hiigaran Ships by Hull Class

Fighter Class Ships

Scout - Interceptor
Bomber - Elite Bomber

The smallest and fastest ships. Typically come in wings of 5 and serve as quick, cheap attackers and defenders. While weak on their own, in numbers they can easily overwhelm.
Gunship - Pulsar Gunship
Minelayer - Elite Gunship
Slightly larger vessels that tend to come in groups of 3 with the exception of the minelayer. These vessels are tougher than fighter class ships but more easily hit by larger weapons, making them more susceptible to the heavy guns of frigates and capital ships.

Frigate Class Ships

Torpedo - Flak - Ion Cannon
Marine - Defense Field - Soban
Frigates are the first tier of ships built one by one as a standard. They also are the first that become too large to re-dock with the Carriers or the Mothership. Featuring a various mix of weaponry they lack any real maneuverability to dodge fire, relying on thick hulls, their own powerful weapons and strength in numbers to survive.

Capital Ships

Mothership - Carrier - Destroyer
Battlecruiser - Shipyard - Nabal
The largest ships of the Hiigaran fleet, including both their largest warships capable of immense firepower and the ever vital Shipyards, Carriers and Mothership, responsible for all production, research and resourcing in the fleet.


Gun Platform - Ion Cannon Platform
Small automated defensive turrets with one-shot engines that provide cheap and tough weaponry capable of defending specific strategic locations. While suffering from their lack of mobility, their cheap cost. high hit point and great firepower can make them valuable fleet supplements when used properly.

Utility Vessels

Resource Collector - Mobile Refinery - Probe
Proximity Sensor - Sensors Distortion Probe
The resourcing and harvesting vesssels along with other utility oriented ships and probes. Workhorse ships of the fleet that provide the steady supply of RUs needed to build up a fighting force, along with other intel gathering devices.

Sensor and Module Subsystems