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"Homeworld 2 Remastered" Guide Index

Homeworld 2

Campaign Walkthrough

Click the link above to be taken to the main index for the guides covering the various mission in Homeworld 2. This section serves as the primary walkthrough for the single player, story driven campaign of Homeworld 2. Here, you will find a complete guide broken down by mission. Each mission has its own guides with accompanying videos. There are 15 missions that comprise the HW2 campaign.

Homeworld 2 Races and Factions

These pages listed below contain ship and background story information about the various races and factions present in HW2.

The Hiigaran Race

This section of the Homeworld 2 Strategy guide covers the various starships fielded by the Hiigaran race along with their background information. You can find the campaign only ships listed here as well. The Hiigarans are the main focus of the story in HW2, having reestablished themselves on their homeworld since the time of the first game, when they were known as the Kushan.

Vaygr Starships

This section covers all the Vaygr ships and modules that can be built and used in multiplayer and are also witnessed within the campaign. You can find the campaign only ships for the Vaygr listed here as well.

Useful files:

This section contains various files that modders or fans of the game may find useful for various reasons. Many of these files are part of a mini project focused on preserving many of the aging, and slowly disappearing files related to Homeworld 2. If you have a suggestion or something to add, please comment below.

Homeworld 2 Fansite Kit

The Fansite kit is a package of files meant for players who are looking to create a webpage based on Homeworld 2. Inside are various images and Photoshop media files related to the imagery of the game.

Homeworld 2 version 1.1 patch (Original Only)

The 1.1 patch is the last and only official patch produced for Homeworld 2, that fixes various bugs and balance issues present in the originally released version of the game. You do not need this if you have Homeworld Remastered!

Homeworld 2 Fonts - MicroGBE & Eurostile

The MicroGBE font is one of the primary fonts used in Homeworld 2. This is potentially useful for modders or people looking to create graphics based on the game. Also included are the Eurostile fonts used in the game as well.

Modding Tools

Homeworld 2 RDN Modkit Tools

The Homeworld 2 RDN kit is the original group of modding tools released by Relic for Homeworld 2.